Tesla autopilot saves from a serious accident

Tesla autopilot saves from a serious accident

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla Model 3 driving off-line, helped avoid a collision with Toyota Corolla on a high-speed highway in Connecticut.

The Tesla autopilot was able to prevent serious accidents on the highway. The corresponding video was published on the Reddit website. The Model 3 electric car, which is moving autonomously, was able to deviate from a collision with the Toyota Corolla and the separation barrier at the very last moment. After that, the car independently returned to the lane.

According to Electrek, the incident occurred on the I-95 highway in Connecticut. The owner of the Tesla Model 3 said that the autopilot “saved his life.” According to him, at the time of the incident, his hands were on the steering wheel of the car, but he did not have time to react.

“I came to my senses only after the car again took its place in the lane. The whole incident took just seconds, ”explained the owner of the electric vehicle.

Tesla Motors in the manual for its electric cars emphasizes that the Autopilot system is an exclusively auxiliary function. The driver must always keep his hands on the steering wheel, look at the road and be ready to take control at any time.