Tesla autopilot prevents rabbit hitting

Tesla autopilot prevents rabbit hitting

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The semi-automatic control system detected the animal and reacted before the driver himself was able to take control

The Autopilot semi-automatic control system of the Tesla Model S electric car helped to avoid hitting a rabbit running onto the night road. The video from the car camera was posted on Twitter.

The incident happened early in the morning on one of the tracks in the state of Florida. The driver of the electric vehicle noted that the system found the animal and reacted before he could take control of himself by applying the brake and turning the steering wheel to the side.

In recent times, Tesla car owners regularly publish videos on the Internet that demonstrate the capabilities of the Autopilot system. For example, a video has recently appeared in which an electric car is moving away from a collision with a pickup truck, whose driver made a sharp changeover to the left lane without looking in the rearview mirror. The semi-automatic control system managed to divert the electric car from a serious collision, and then returned the car back to the strip.