Tesla autopilot once again helped to avoid a serious accident

Tesla autopilot once again helped to avoid a serious accident

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Tesla car turns to avoid a collision with an unexpectedly stopped pickup truck, but since it travels too fast, it loses control and crashes.

These videos posted by a Twitter user show an accident that will leave you more questions than answers. When? Where? But most importantly, why? The electric car driver analyzed the data from the video cameras and was just as puzzled as we were after watching the footage.

 His first hunch about what happened was that it was an unintended acceleration, but after analyzing the data from the cameras it becomes known that the driver intentionally pressed the pedal.

 This video shows us that the driver of an electric car lost control of the situation when the car hit the curb with the right wheels.

Then Tesla turns left, the driver tries to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, turning the car to the right, but in the end he gets on the right sidewalk and, apparently, stops.

 In any other car, this will put an end to the investigation, but Tesla cars provide much more information. Autopilot data shows the last minute of movement.

 Tesla drove at a speed of about 32.18 km / h, while at the pickup this figure was 56.31 km / h, when the latter suddenly stops. Two other cars slowly overtake him. One goes to the left, and the other, the white BMW, keeps just like the Tesla and later follows at high speed. The electric car accelerates to 111 km / h in a few seconds, dodges the pickup, hits the curb.