Tesla autopilot is far from ideal: the car drove on its own on the oncoming road

Tesla autopilot is far from ideal: the car drove on its own on the oncoming road

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The incident occurred in Canada, where an electric car, leaving the parking lot without a driver, decided to go in the oncoming lane. While automation managed the difficult situation, eyewitnesses managed to record everything on video.

A rather large scandal flared up on the Web due to a short video from eyewitnesses from Canadian Richmond. On it, although slowly, Tesla moves along the oncoming lane without a driver and tries to call or turn somewhere. In any country, such driving is dangerous and severely punished.

Similar cases of violation have become more frequent. This is due to the new Smart Summon test feature. It allows the owner to “call” his car from the parking lot. Automation Tesla Model 3 can independently approach the owner if he is within a radius of 60 meters. The reference point is the GPS from the owner’s smartphone.

 The Company quickly assessed the incident, explaining that all the drone violations while using the Smart Summon function are the responsibility of the owner. The function is still in test mode, and may violate traffic rules in certain conditions. Moreover, many owners began to specifically create such conditions that the drone would violate the rules of the movement, or be in a difficult position.

Smart Summon only appeared on Tesla Model 3 cars a couple of months ago. The company itself promises to quickly solve all problems.