Tesla autopilot hit another crash

Tesla autopilot hit another crash

March 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

See how the Tesla Model S running the electronics is too closely acquainted with the road object. Fortunately, the electric car was almost not injured in the collision, and people got off with a fright.

It is unlikely that any of the autonomous control systems on the market would be able to respond adequately in such a situation, especially considering that it is precisely the Tesla autopilot that many call the most advanced system available to date from those available on production cars.

It is also worth considering that all manufacturers of autonomous control systems, including Tesla, unanimously declare the need for constant control of the car by a person, even when it is controlled by electronics.

In the onboard video published on the OCDetailing Youtube channel, it is clearly seen that the collision took place at the moment of narrowing of the traffic lane on the highway: the concrete divider (apparently due to repair work) turned up close to the lane, and it was this circumstance and did not take into account the autopilot.

Fortunately, the collision had no particular consequences: the authors of the video mention only the abrasions on the wheel and a few scratches on the film, which covered the body of the Tesla Model S.