Tesla autopilot confused child with traffic cone

Tesla autopilot confused child with traffic cone

December 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The boy was wearing an orange t-shirt

The Tesla unmanned driving system could not distinguish a boy wearing an orange T-shirt from a road cone of the same color.

The video posted by Canal Tesla Brasil shows the whole process when the car tried to recognize a person. At first, both objects — a boy and a cone — were displayed on the screen of the multimedia system. Then for some time the cone disappeared and only the child remained on the display, but in the end the autopilot decided that it was the road cone in front of him.

Last year, the owner of the Tesla Model S managed to trick the autopilot of an electric car with an orange. He fixed the fruit on the steering wheel, due to which the automatic control system turned on, on which the man drove about 45 kilometers.

A prerequisite for the operation of this system is that the driver must constantly keep his hands on the steering wheel. It has special sensors that monitor the pressure on the steering wheel and the applied force.