Tesla Autopilot 2.0: more radars and cameras

Tesla Autopilot 2.0: more radars and cameras

August 13, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

American manufacturer of electric cars is preparing a major upgrade of its system of autonomous driving.

And she does it not from the good life: in recent years there have been several car accidents Tesla Model S, related to the autopilot system, including fatalities.

For example, in early July electric car was hit by a tractor trailer, which was perpendicular to the movement of the car, the driver of the car died on the spot. After that Tesla has stopped cooperation with the Israeli developer of driver assistance systems with Mobileye cameras, since they could not see the white trailer against a bright sunny sky.


The updated system Tesla Autopilot 2.0, in addition to the previously existing frontal radar system, will receive a set of three front camera and radar-round view. In the first stage, the system will start to work with the current software, then its functionality will be improved based on the experimental data obtained with the new equipment.

In the future, the developers plan to abandon the traditional radar in favor of more advanced optical rangefinders – lidar (LIDAR – Light Identification Detection and Ranging), providing greater safety when driving off.