Tesla application crash allows you to control other people’s cars

Tesla application crash allows you to control other people’s cars

August 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Owners of Tesla electric cars from different countries complain about the incorrect operation of the official program. According to them, the application began to give them other people’s Tesla. Often there are several cars at once.

They started talking about the fact that the official application of the American automaker began to work with malfunctions back in April. The publication InsideEVs drew attention to this problem. Correspondents spoke with the owner of Tesla from Seattle, who told them about the mysterious “glitch”.

Later, two more fans of environmentally friendly cars faced the strange behavior of the program. Thus, a Tesla client from China unexpectedly lost access to his car: instead, the application began to give him other people’s electric cars registered in Europe. At the same time, if desired, he could remotely connect to them.

The information about the third episode came from the UK. A local motorist in early spring leased a five-seater Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, and by the end of March, the company’s application on his smartphone stopped finding the electric car.

The Briton contacted Tesla specialists, who advised him to wait for the self-elimination of this failure, calling a period of several days. In fact, this forecast did not come true, and the story continued.

A little later, Model 3 was found, but already in the smartphone of another Briton. He works for the same company as the owner of the “missing” electric car, although they have different offices. The new Tesla has joined his own electric car. The brand itself has not yet commented on the application crashes. Experts speculate that the problem may lie in a communication error between the automaker’s servers.

Earlier it became known that Tesla electric cars can get batteries of increased capacity. The resource of such innovative batteries, according to Elon Musk, will be increased immediately by 50 percent. The novelty may be declassified in September.