Tesla Announces Cyberquad Electric ATV Release Date

Tesla Announces Cyberquad Electric ATV Release Date

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Although the Tesla ATV with an electric motor was presented simultaneously with a futuristic pickup, the company did not announce the release date of the unusual news during the presentation. The head of the automaker took up this information gap – in his Twitter blog, Elon Musk spoke about the timing of the release of Cyberquad and hinted at the further development of the branded electric transport line.

The businessman still does not disclose the technical characteristics of the future news, but has already shared the release date of Cybertruck. According to him, the ATV will debut at the end of 2021 simultaneously with the first pickup models. Earlier it became known that the novelty will be placed in the back of the Cybertruck and will be able to charge from its batteries through an integrated outlet.

“We plan to release it at the same time as the pickup. A two-seater electric ATV designed for use in conjunction with the Cybertruck – it will be fun! ”Said Elon Musk.

He also added that it would be “cool” to have an off-road electric bike as an option, but later refuted his statement, saying that Tesla would never produce anything like this for public roads. According to the entrepreneur, he himself nearly died under a truck while riding at the age of 17 and considers electric motorcycles too dangerous.

The price and specifications of Tesla Cyberquad by the manufacturer have not yet been announced.