Tesla and GM will again be able to give electric car buyers a $ 7,000 discount

Tesla and GM will again be able to give electric car buyers a $ 7,000 discount

February 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This way, motorists in the United States will be able to save money. A similar incentive for buyers of electric cars began to operate even during the time when George W. Bush was president. Now she’s back.

Americans looking to buy an electric car could expect to receive a refund of $ 7,500 in taxes. True, they could take advantage of such a discount for everything: the first 200,000 electric cars of each specific brand received the benefit. Tesla was the first in the United States to cross this threshold, and this happened back in 2018. Now it has become known that the incentive benefit is returning.

The corresponding “green” bill is being prepared by Joe Biden’s party members in all branches of government. Donald Trump was in no hurry to consider such proposals, but with the arrival of the new president, the situation changed radically. The draft of the new law will include a part related to electric vehicles.

It will prescribe that automakers will be able to promise their customers tax breaks again, although the amount has decreased by $ 500. Buyers of new battery-powered cars can take advantage of the discount, and the limit has increased to 600,000 cars.

Those electric cars, whose companies previously managed to sell over the old mark of 200 thousand, will not be counted.
The news will delight General Motor and Tesla customers. The automakers will be able to add another 400,000 electric cars each with a customer benefit of $ 7,000. When the law is approved, it has not yet been announced.

At the same time, experts call the government’s initiative a “disservice”. Potential buyers, wanting to wait for the adoption of the law, will postpone the purchase of a new electric car. Which will form a kind of deferred demand.

Earlier it became known about a large-scale recall campaign that will affect Tesla Model X cars. The malfunction at first glance is not very serious, but under certain circumstances it can cause problems for road users.