Tesla ahead of schedule launches Model Y

Tesla ahead of schedule launches Model Y

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

After Model S, Model X and Model 3 this year, another Tesla will appear on public roads, the delivery of which was expected much later.

The official premiere of Tesla Model Y took place almost a year ago. With this model, Americans responded to the huge market for compact SUVs, perhaps even more interesting than the market where the Model 3 sedan is already making good sales results. To better respond to demand, Model Y production is located in the USA, Germany and China. US production seems to be paying off very soon, as Tesla customers can get their car in April or May this year.

As one of the buyers named Redditor Quaf4 told a foreign publication, this week he received a message from Tesla that his Model Y Long Range AWD would be delivered within one of these two months. This is surprising since Tesla initially announced planned deliveries for the fall of 2020, and most recently the summer of 2020 was mentioned. By the way, the client reports that he was told that the models will be delivered to the first customers in February.

In the new Gigafactory near Berlin, the group’s first cars should appear in the European market next year. Model Y is the car with which production begins there, so Model Y, built in Europe, should not be expected soon.