Tesla again reduced the prices of electric cars Model 3

Tesla again reduced the prices of electric cars Model 3

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the observations of experts, this is already the second price reduction for this model in the coming year. So, in January, Tesla Model 3 became more affordable for 2 thousand dollars.

At the beginning of 2019, Tesla decided to take a serious step – to lower the prices of their products by 2,000 dollars at once. Thus, the automaker was going to compensate for the reduction in America of tax incentives for buyers of electric cars. Now it became known that Tesla again changes prices – this time Model 3 sedans became more affordable by $ 1,100. Thanks to the new pricing policy for the most budget copy of the Tesla Model 3 today will have to pay $ 42,900.

At the same time, as Ilon Mask noted in his twitter-account, the real cost of the model is close to the cherished mark of 35 thousand dollars (taking into account tax compensation and fuel economy). It is known that the company plans to achieve this figure without any compensation.

 In the case of the European market, Tesla Model 3 will cost more by about 30% – we write off 20 percent for local value added tax and about ten for duties.

Earlier, it was reported that the electric sedan Tesla Model 3 received the title of the best-selling premium-class model in the United States.