Tesla added a warm-up function to their electric car

Tesla added a warm-up function to their electric car

December 29, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

In cold weather, it is known that not only smartphones are affected, but also in conventional cars with internal combustion engines. In electric cars, the situation is aggravated: the maximum power decreases, the supply capacity decreases and the operation of the system of recuperation deteriorates.

To solve this problem Tesla solved the classic way: by warming up, as the portal InsideEV reports. The company has developed a new firmware for its electronics, which has the function of “pre-conditioning”, which can be activated with the owner’s smartphone. The car can be read by automatic updating on the official website of the manufacturer.

If the electrocard by means of sensors determines that the battery is overclosed, an orange icon will appear on the smartphone screen. Tesla recommends warming up to an hour before departure, and it is advisable that at that moment the car was on charge.

There is also a nice surprise – the traditional Tesla Easter egg: to activate it, you need to click on the Tesla icon. On the screen of the multimedia system will appear the New Year’s card, on which you need to click on the deer and just say “ho, ho, ho”, after which the car speakers will entertain merry music.

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