Tesla accused Rivian of stealing its developments

Tesla accused Rivian of stealing its developments

July 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Both companies specialize in the production of electric cars. Now it became known that Tesla is suing its main competitor. The reason is the theft of trade secrets.

In the electronic database of the court in the US District of Santa Clara, California, a new lawsuit has emerged: Tesla accused Rivian of stealing valuable data considered a trade secret.

According to the plaintiff, at least four of his former employees received very valuable, and most importantly, confidential information before joining Rivian. It is noted that Rivian was able to obtain drawings of a competing company, as well as documents affecting the organization of work in Tesla, the search for new specialists, and payroll.

In general, Tesla’s lawyers are counting on a jury. Their main goal is to get back company secrets and get compensation.

Rivian refutes the accusations against them. The company always requires its new specialists to confirm that they have not implemented and do not intend to use the intellectual property of their ex-employers.

Earlier it became known that Tesla are going to update the Model S and Model X. This project is known under the code name Palladium. The upgrade promises to be very large-scale: it is reported that a new production line will be built for this.