Tesla accused another employee of stealing classified data

Tesla accused another employee of stealing classified data

January 25, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Alex Khatilov worked in the Tesla company for only a few days

Tesla has launched a lawsuit against its former employee Alex Khatilov. He is accused of stealing thousands of classified files from the company’s internal system and trying to hide the traces of his crime.

Khatilov started working at Tesla only on December 28, 2020. He was hired to be a senior specialist on the software quality assurance team. According to the company, he immediately began copying program files to his cloud on Dropbox. On January 6, the security service asked Khatilov to provide access to his account on Dropbox, which he did. When they found thousands of files unrelated to his work, he claimed that he had copied them by mistake.

While talking to the security service via video link, Khatilov tried to delete the files and the Dropbox client itself from his computer, which was interpreted as an attempt to destroy evidence. On the same day, the programmer was fired.

The New York Post managed to talk to Khatilov and find out his version. According to a former Tesla employee, he learned about the lawsuit from journalists. He admitted that he copied the secret files to himself, but insisted that he did it by mistake, not knowing that the folder might contain something other than the documents he needed for work. On Dropbox, he said he saved data as a backup.

Khatilov insists that there was no malicious intent in his actions and that he did not pass on valuable information to anyone. He explains his attempt to delete the files by the fact that the company’s security service itself demanded it from him.

With a simple Internet search, it is easy to find Alexander Khatilov, who lives in San Francisco and specializes in software quality control. He was born and raised in Riga, but at the end of the 80s he moved to the USA where he studied to be a programmer. However, we cannot say that this is the same person mentioned in Tesla’s message.