Tentrax Tailgater or cool party trailer

Tentrax Tailgater or cool party trailer

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tentrax has announced a trailer made of fiberglass, with which you can throw a party away from home. The novelty received a mount for a TV up to 65 inches in size, a large cooler for your favorite drinks, as well as a kitchen and a refrigerator.

Over the past months, the pages of our digital publication have shown many different types of cool motorhomes and recreational vehicles. What could be better than taking really close people with you, a lot of provisions and loading it all in a large and spacious van in order to go on a car trip.

Well, if it is possible to have a small party away from home, it will be just wonderful. That is why we really liked the trailer from Tentrax.

The project is called Tentrax Tailgater, and is a towed trailer, which contains everything you need in order to throw a good party. A small single-axle trailer is “shod” in full-sized tires and made of fiberglass, so it weighs not so much. Judging by the official post of Tentrax on Facebook, there is a large cooler with a built-in faucet inside the trailer. Grab a bite to eat at the kitchenette, which features a sink and a full workstation, as well as a small refrigerator.

Cool Tailgaiter is also powered and offers a mount for a flat-screen TV, which will be located under the folding trailer lid. The mount is designed for screen sizes up to 65 inches. There is also a sound system integrated in the trailer. Judging by what we see in the photographs, the only thing that is missing is the sofa

This trailer will be sold next year. As for the prices for it, at the moment nothing is known (even on the official website of the company there is no information about this). The Tentrax Freight Trailer Costs $ 3,995