Ten things you did not know about the Ferrari F40

Ten things you did not know about the Ferrari F40

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Back in 1984, the Ferrari F40 sports coupe was introduced. This is an outstanding car in every sense, and for this news we want to talk about what makes it so special.

Of all the models that were presented by the legendary Italian automaker, we want to talk specifically about the F40. This car is special in particular also because it is the last model that was developed with the participation of Enzo Ferrari himself – the founder of the company.

So, let’s go – here’s a list of those facts that you probably did not know about this car. F40 got its name in honor of the 40th anniversary of Ferrari – the company was created back in 1947, the model itself appeared respectively in 1987. While some automakers are releasing anniversary models that have only a few obvious cosmetic changes, the Ferrari F40 will also get a powerful engine.

 Drivers found that it took a lot of zeal to get into and out of the F40 seats. Almost everyone who got into this car hit their shoulders, hips and other parts of the body from a narrow doorway before they cope with a surprisingly difficult task.

 Initially, an Italian sports miracle cost $ 250,000. It was a steep price for the time, but the price tags quickly rose to nearly $ 1,000,000, as speculators bought and sold F40s in the late 1980s.

 Although there is no doubt that the F40 is a beautiful car, it does not have a particularly comfortable interior. Among the items removed in the interest of simplicity were door handles. To open the doors, the driver or passenger pulled a cable running diagonally in the recess of the door. Outside, a recessed latch opens the door.

 Thanks to the Italian studio Pininfarina, the Ferrari F40 got its own spectacular appearance – smooth lines that many admired and even tried to imitate. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the car, in addition to the high rear wing, is a transparent plastic engine cover.

 At one time (1987), only the Ferrari F40 could reach a speed of 321 km / h and only this car received body elements made of composite materials, in order to facilitate the total weight – in order to achieve maximum effect, it was decided to abandon the carpet in the cabin.