Ten millions! Toyota Land Cruiser boasts an impressive achievement

Ten millions! Toyota Land Cruiser boasts an impressive achievement

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The number of Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs sold worldwide exceeded 10 million

While journalists are wondering what it will look like and when the new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 will appear, the total circulation of the legendary SUV has exceeded 10 million copies. This number includes all generations and all modifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser, released since 1951.

It is hard to believe that 68 years ago, Land Cruiser was born in the form of a plain off-road vehicle designed for the needs of the Japanese police, and then the army.

Two years later, the first Land Cruiser BJ20 appeared on the market with its now-familiar digital designation, and in the 57th SUV first entered other markets, with its share accounting for almost 40% of Japanese auto exports.

Gradually, the model increased in size and added to comfort, but at the same time always remained a real SUV. For all releases of Toyota Land Cruiser, 14 different model variations were created, including those under the premium Lexus brand.

To date, Toyota Land Cruiser is available in the markets of 170 countries, and the annual circulation of the SUV is close to 400,000 copies.