Teaser for the new game of the Need For Speed ​​racing series published

Teaser for the new game of the Need For Speed ​​racing series published

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new version of the legendary racing series of computer games Need For Speed ​​will be called Heat. The gameplay trailer features wild races day and night.

We had a lot of unanswered questions after watching the Need For Speed ​​Heat trailer a few days ago. Yes, there were hints at the mechanics of the game, features and the main plot, but we did not know how they would fit together. Now we have a gameplay trailer that gives a lot of answers and a ton of cool gameplay for a preliminary assessment. The police are returning to the game, and this time, the behavior of law enforcement officers is promised to be made more realistic.

Need for Speed ​​Heat will be on sale November 8 this year. However, players with EA and Origin subscriptions will receive early access to the game starting November 5th. Need for Speed ​​Heat will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

The game Need For Speed ​​Heat will have both day and night gameplay, and they will be very different from each other. During the day, players can participate in authorized races on the streets of the fictional city of Palm City, similar to the current Miami. Police in this mode “play by the rules” – they issue fines and warnings before stopping reckless drivers in other ways. Players may take part in illegal street races at night, but they must keep an eye on the police, which are much more aggressive.

During night races, players will earn reputation points, but as their authority grows, they become more popular among the police. Players will not have to get caught by law enforcement officers when they get to a garage or safe shelter. Authorized day races give the player the opportunity to earn money that can be used to upgrade his car. There will even be a smartphone application called NFS Heat Studio, in which players can create their own car in the application, and then participate in races in the game. You can get the app today on Android and iOS.