Teaser for season 28 Top Gear released. Are we waiting for one of the best seasons?

Teaser for season 28 Top Gear released. Are we waiting for one of the best seasons?

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The 28th season of the truly awesome Top Gear car show will be released soon and has every chance of becoming one of the best transmission seasons. Chris Harris is once again joined by Paddy McGuiness and Freddy Flintoff, and this team, as always, tests many interesting cars around the world.

  Based on the published official trailer for the new season, the organizers of the show came up with a lot of interesting things for us, including riding a pair of used convertibles, a race between the British McLaren 720S and the powerful German electric car VW ID.R. In addition, we will be shown a test drive of the high-performance German electric Porsche Taycan sedan.

 This brief review of the new season shows us that this time too, we will find a lot of pleasure from exploring new cars and the most advanced technologies, as well as many interesting “crazy competitions” in the spirit of Top Gear.

This time, the presenters will have to test the electric cars Porsche Taycan and VW ID.R. Electric cars appeared on Top Gear in previous seasons, especially in the scandalous review of the American sports car Tesla Roadster (season 12). I must say that since then, electric vehicles have evolved significantly.

 In the new season there will be a race between the McLaren Speedtail supercar and a real fighter. This is the trick we saw before in Top Gear, but it remains one of the exciting racing shows I’ve seen. Speetail has a top speed of 402.25 km / h, making it the fastest McLaren car, so it should be an interesting race.

 When it comes to the usual “tricks” of Top Gear, it’s about driving a convertible in a small river. In one episode, a red car is shown, which is located in a special platform held by a crane.

 And finally, in this season Top Gear, apparently, takes part in three classic cars, and they set off to conquer off-road. And yes, of course, these machines were not originally created for this purpose, so it will be interesting to see what happens to them in the end.

 Not so long ago, our publication wrote that ex-leading Top Gear Jeremy Clarson named the best and worst cars of the year. The eccentric host of the British automobile show called his own rating of cars last year. His list included a variety of models – from hatchbacks to sports cars.