Taxi driver in Monza did not recognize Charles Leclair

Taxi driver in Monza did not recognize Charles Leclair

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As might be expected, after two consecutive victories, Charles Leclair is now given very much attention in Italy.

Yesterday, a young Ferrari racer was invited to the state news channel TG1 and spoke about the joyful experiences he experienced after the triumph in Monza.

“I have already realized three dreams: I am in Formula 1, I am a Ferrari racer and have already won two Grand Prix, one of them in Monza,” Charles shared. – Of course, now I want to become a world champion.

Last Sunday I was leaving the race track in a taxi, but when I got into the car, the driver did not recognize me. He asked if I had seen the Grand Prix. I said that I saw, and that the race went well.

“And this young guy is really strong!” He said, and I was pleased. At the end of the trip, I introduced myself, and it was a lot of fun! ”

During the race in Monza, everyone noted that Leclair acted on the track very calmly and prudently, and he commented on it this way: “It cannot be said that by nature I have a balanced and calm character – just the opposite. Before, I was always very worried and angry, even when I finished second. But I worked hard on myself, so now psychologically I’ve become much more seasoned. ”

In an interview with Lecler, there was another interesting point, which, of course, was appreciated by Italian fans.

“Returning by car from Maranello, I listened to the Italian anthem more than once in order to learn it in case I could win the first victory,” Charles admitted. “But in Spa I was too excited and could not remember the words, but in Monza I did it!”