Tarform: a fully electric motorcycle with artificial intelligence

Tarform: a fully electric motorcycle with artificial intelligence

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It will take about a year until the production of the Tarform electric motorcycle begins. But pre-orders are already accepted, and so far without the need to make a deposit.

Tarform is a “new kind of electric motorcycle,” as its creator Taras Kravchuk says, built from scratch, it combines the design of the past with the technologies of the future.

“We sought to revive the classic form and combine it with modern technology to create a new bike,” – said Kravchuk, last week during the presentation of the bike.

Tarform is a single solid metal unit mounted on two wheels, partially created using 3D printing technology. The case is a battery pack that can provide up to 145 km of path on a full charge. Energy replenishment will take at least four hours.

Despite the fact that now there are many electric motorcycles, with indicators exceeding the presented novelty – Tarform has its own characteristics. So, it will be equipped with a modern security system with artificial intelligence. The system will constantly scan the surrounding space and analyze it for the fact of danger.

The cost will be about 18,000 dollars. Also announced a limited line of the future model, but no information yet.

In the meantime, Bloomberg published a new study on behalf of the advisers on Beryls strategy, from which it followed that modern electric cars pollute the environment of more diesel cars.