Take a look at the vintage Jeep Wagoneer with the Hellcat 700-hp V8

Take a look at the vintage Jeep Wagoneer with the Hellcat 700-hp V8

November 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mad SUV was auctioned off in Riyadh

The Texas Black Mountain Conversions atelier originally modified the thirty-year-old Jeep Grand Wagoneer. An old SUV was equipped with the actual 6.4-liter V8 Hellcat and replaced the standard exhaust system with a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk muffler. The remaining nodes remained intact.

Externally, the tuning Grand Wagoneer 1989 release does not differ from its counterparts: on the body of a rare bright red color, the famous wooden inserts, a lot of chrome, regular multi-spoke wheels with conventional tires complement the picture. The car is in factory paint, it has preserved the original combined interior with beige leather chairs and fabric upholstery. The odometer is only 83,700 kilometers.

The V8 nameplate remained on the case, but the place of the standard 5.8-liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 146 horsepower (380 Nm of torque) was taken by the powerful 717-horsepower Hellcat engine with a torque of 875 Nm. Surprisingly, it looks like the modern unit was able to be combined with the archaic 4-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the standard suspension with leaf semi-elliptical springs and a simple braking system with a vacuum booster were preserved.

After installing the Hellcat engine, the owner drove a total of 800 kilometers by car. Probably driving a Jeep Grand Wagoneer with such power is very difficult. In addition, it raises doubts about how long the gearbox will last. However, in the Middle East they love original tuning, and in Riyadh, the result of an unusual conversion will surely come to the court.