Take a look at the updated Audi S6 Avant – the wagon looks just great!

Take a look at the updated Audi S6 Avant – the wagon looks just great!

May 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The team of photographers from Auditography managed to capture the updated wagon Audi S6 Avant in a beautiful combination with nature.

At the present time, when most motorists around the world prefer to buy crossovers or SUVs, as well as large pickups, wagons still continue to be popular. Among them are small and affordable models, such as the Skoda Fabia Combi, or the luxurious and, accordingly, expensive BMW 5 Series Touring. And there are such universals, which are not just very expensive, but can offer decent power.

Not so long ago, the German sports division Audi Sport has released a new version of its “charged” station wagon S6 Avant.

The car was presented somewhat messy during the presentation of diesel engines for high-performance S7 Sportback, S4 and S5.

The guys from the team Auditography, as a rule, are among the first who make great photo shoots for new models of the German brand. The footage with the updated wagon was taken in the beautiful city of Rudesheim am Rhein in Germany, where representatives of Audi offered the team to capture a shiny new diesel wagon on camera. The car received a body with a red metallic tango tango.

A more powerful version of the crossover SQ5 marked the beginning of a rather unpleasant trend among high-performance cars of the Audi brand – exhaust tailpipes, which are in fact the decor. Pause the video at around 2:25, and you can actually see the real exhaust hiding under the rear bumper on the driver’s side, rather than the two-pipe passing through the bumper, as any fast wagon fan would like.

It remains to wait for the release of an even more powerful version of the German station wagon, which will receive the RS6 Avant designation.