Take a look at the stunning Maserati single-seat freelance designer

Take a look at the stunning Maserati single-seat freelance designer

January 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Luca Serafini shares images of the bold Maserati concept

Enthusiastic artist Luca Serafini posted sketches of the extreme Maserati MilleMiglia barquette on his official website. The stylist timed the creation of the mid-engined concept car to the 105th anniversary of the Maserati brand. Serafini’s drawings impress with extraordinary design solutions – MilleMiglia looks no worse than the speedsters from Ferrari and McLaren.

Creating the Maserati Millemiglia, Luca Serafini was inspired by the images of open-wheel Maserati cars – the artist wanted to convey in the concept the spirit of the racing pre-war model 6CM and formula 250F, which Juan Manuel Fangio defeated behind the wheel.

The Italian artist deprived the speedster of traditional headlights – the front and rear optics are replaced by diode luminous stripes. The designer took care of intricate body panels, endowed the prototype with large air intakes and organically entered the Maserati logo into the concept.

A separate touch is the door opening mechanism. Despite a single cabin with a single seat, located in a carbon monocoque a la McLaren F1, Serafini has provided two doors – both open back and up, like wings of a butterfly.

The interior is extremely concise: information for the driver is displayed on three round digital screens, the engine start button is located on the steering wheel, you can also see the shift paddles. Two analog keys activate the door opener. The pilot is fixed in the cockpit five-point seat belts.

Despite the enthusiastic reviews of the world press and attention to detail, the Serafini concept has no chance of serialization – in recent years, Maserati has refused to create exclusive hypercars and focused on mass models.

Within four years, the Italian brand will expand the lineup with a new crossover and sports car, as well as update the Ghibli, Quattroporte sedans and release the second generation Levante.