Take a look at the McLaren Elva driver in the rain

Take a look at the McLaren Elva driver in the rain

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Darling is not just a word. The base price of the latest development from the McLaren Ultimate Series line is $ 1,690,000, and the figure can easily exceed two million thanks to an advanced personalization system.

In addition, McLaren decided to take an unusual step for the sake of giving the speedster even more exclusivity, reducing the planned circulation of the supercar from 399 to 249 copies. And, it is possible that each of these 249 owners will one day have to be in a situation in which one of the speedsters in the streets of Tokyo got into.

The fact is that McLaren Elva, by definition, has no roof. And any whim of the weather will lead to the fact that the speedster driver will have to escape from the rain in any way so as not to damage the trim and the advanced electronic sports car systems. Images posted on Instagram clearly demonstrate that the main thing in this situation is not to panic.

True, this instance is still lucky. As one of the commentators on the Syouken Photography account noted, where the photos were posted, this particular Elva is just a show car, a demonstration layout, and there’s nothing to be damaged from moisture there. The model arrived in Tokyo from Hong Kong: the company carries it around the world, showing interested customers. Nevertheless, the remaining 249 speedster owners are likely to take their supercars for a walk only after a detailed review of the weather forecast.