Take a look at the impressive Porsche Taycan ride on the deck of an aircraft carrier

Take a look at the impressive Porsche Taycan ride on the deck of an aircraft carrier

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It’s easy to guess that the goal of the race was to demonstrate the electric vehicle’s acceleration and deceleration capabilities: Porsche continues to prove that the Taycan, despite its electrical essence, is flesh from the flesh of the company’s lineup. In this race, the athlete Shi Holbrook, who absorbed all the DNA of the brand, was controlled by an athlete.

Check-in took place on the take-off deck of the famous aircraft carrier USS Hornet, one of the most famous representatives of the US Navy. Now it works like a floating museum, but at one time it participated in the hostilities, and also provided search and delivery to the continent after the landing of the crew of the Apollo 11 mission – the very first people on the moon.

During the race, Shi used the launch control system, which is equipped with Taycan, as well as the optional carbon-ceramic brake mechanisms.

“The deck turned out to be very long and, despite external impressions, very bumpy. Conscious acceleration towards the abyss breaking into the ocean became a new experience for me, but Taycan instilled confidence in me. It turned out to be really stable – on acceleration and, which is much more important on braking, “said Shea Holbrook.

In 10.17 seconds, the Porsche Taycan managed to accelerate to 145 km / h and then completely stop – just 30 meters from the obstacle installed on the edge of the runway. Porsche has already managed to declare that this experiment was more of an entertainment than a serious test, but still demonstrated the advantages of an electric car.

The official premiere of the Porsche Taycan will take place on September 4: events in which the company will show its first production electric car will be held simultaneously on three continents.