Taiwanese company Tern has released a “cargo” electric bike HSD

Taiwanese company Tern has released a “cargo” electric bike HSD

July 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Taiwanese company Tern introduced the HSD electric cargo bike equipped with a heavy-duty frame.

According to New Atlas, according to its characteristics, HSD is in the middle of the Turn range, between the small Vektron and the long GSD. 170-centimeter new took the best of these two models, while maintaining compactness and at the same time increasing the carrying capacity to an impressive 170 kg.

When the bike needs to be put in the trunk of a car, the steering wheel folds easily, and the seat is lowered. And if there is not enough space at home, the HSD can be placed vertically on a solid rear trunk trunk stand.

The trunk holds up to 60 kg, and Tern offers a range of compatible accessories – baskets, bags, drawers and child seats. And all that does not fit in the back, you can put in front – at the helm located mount, which allows you to attach to the steering cup an additional basket or bag.

As for comfort, the front HSD is fitted with a Suntour shock absorber plug, while Schwalbe tires have puncture protection. In addition, the electric bike has an “ultra-low center of gravity” that provides a smooth and stable ride, and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated Abus lock. The steering wheel and the seat are customized to grow in size from 150 to 195 cm.

The HSD has three transmission options, but everywhere there is a Bosch engine. The cheapest HSD P9 model with a 400-watt battery, which provides support when traveling a distance of 110 km, sells for $ 3470. The more expensive option is the HSD S +, which costs $ 5,600, it has a 500 W battery – its capacity is enough for 118 km. Also, the most expensive model boasts a shock-absorbing seatpost and a NuVinci 380 series sleeve, which allows you to switch speeds smoothly and automatically, depending on the effort.

Additionally, all HSD variants are equipped with front and rear lights and a display, which displays various useful information.