Switzerland to test compact electric transformer aircraft

Switzerland to test compact electric transformer aircraft

January 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Swiss company Manta Aircraft is working on an electric aircraft that combines vertical takeoff and landing capabilities with the benefits of a short runway takeoff. Engineers have already assembled a 1: 3 scale model and are preparing for the first test flights.

ANN1 and ANN2 aircraft are one or two-seat models of almost three meters in length, assembled on the basis of the same CFRP fuselage with a small V-tail and large wings at the rear and a pair of slightly smaller wings on the nose, in accordance with the design of the type duck”. Forward propulsion is provided by four electric tunnel fans located under the rear fenders. In VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) mode, they turn and head up, writes New Atlas.

During vertical takeoff, the aircraft is assisted by four more fans in the nose and tail. In the prototype, they are left without a protective screen, but if it comes to production of a serial model, they will be closed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

The device can take off and land like a helicopter, but if there is enough space for acceleration, it can take off like a regular plane. In this mode, he can take on board more cargo and uses less energy. The wide surface of the wings allows you to take off from a strip three helipads wide.

The propulsion system is fully electric, but in addition to the battery, Manta plans to add a fuel generator for long-range flights. With a cruising speed of over 300 km / h, the destination may be 600 km away.

The single-seat ANN1 is designed for sports, while the ANN2 can take one passenger in addition to the pilot. However, it is unlikely that the two-seater model can be used as an air taxi, so Manta hopes to sell the plane to emergency services – police, rescuers, doctors. Of course, when / if it gets permission from the regulators.

The same aerodynamic design of the “duck” type was used by Chinese engineers who assembled a hybrid drone with a power reserve of 1000 km. The V400 Albatross, developed by the Chinese company Autoflight and presented at the 2020 World UAV, is capable of carrying up to 100 kg of cargo.