Swiss startup has developed a self-propelled golf cart capable of moving at the user’s speed

Swiss startup has developed a self-propelled golf cart capable of moving at the user’s speed

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Golfers often have to carry a cart with their inventory, which is very tiring. Swiss startup Hit The Green undertook to rectify the situation and introduced a self-propelled golf cart, which is able to track the user’s speed and move in accordance with it.

The development was called S-Walk. The four-wheel rear-wheel drive novelty uses lidar to gauge how far away a user is moving behind her. When a person starts walking faster or slower, the cart does the same – while maintaining a small distance from it.

It is proposed to direct the device in the right direction manually using a special handle, and to stop the device, the owner just needs to stop himself (in addition, you can activate the brakes by turning off the cart by pressing the button located on the handle).

It is curious that, in addition to the lidar, S-Walk also uses a built-in inertial measuring unit, which allows it to determine whether it moves on a flat surface or up or down the slope. In accordance with this, the platform properly regulates the power of its two electric motors and, if necessary, switches to the use of brakes alone.

S-Walk is powered by a removable onboard battery with a capacity of 270 watts-hours, which, it is claimed, allows it to cover up to 54 holes on a single charge (for reference, a typical golf course consists of 18 holes). Thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber frame, the platform weighs a total of 8.5 kg.

For convenience during transportation, the developers provided the ability to remove the wheels, as well as a folding design that allows you to place the device in a relatively compact case with dimensions of 68 x 66 x 12 cm (there is a separate bag for the wheels).

Hit the Green is currently raising funds for the production of S-Walk on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Beckers can buy a self-propelled cart for $ 2220, in retail its price will increase to $ 3707.