Swiss company has tested a swing wing air taxi

Swiss company has tested a swing wing air taxi

August 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Unlike many other developers of air electric taxis, who can only boast of beautiful pictures of their ideas, the Swiss from Dufour have already completed 550 test flights and are moving on to the second phase of testing their car.

Like almost all air taxi prototypes, the prototype of the Swiss company Dufour Aerospace is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle that takes off like a helicopter and then goes into a more efficient hard-wing mode for flight.

It also belongs to the category of aircraft with a rotary wing that changes position from vertical to horizontal, along with motors and propellers, reports New Atlas. The design of the device was inspired by the experimental Canadair CL-84 aircraft, which began to be developed back in the middle of the last century.

The aEro 3 air taxi has just completed the first phase of its test flights with 550 individual flights.

According to CTO Yasmin Kent, the all-electric aircraft, developed with the assistance of engineers from the Zurich Technical School, “has demonstrated a high level of stability and control in all situations, including switching from hover to fast flight.”

Little is known about the technical characteristics of the aEro 3, except that the wingspan is 4.5 meters. Such aerodynamic characteristics should be sufficient for the future air taxi to become a passenger mode of transport.

The vertical take-off and landing apparatus is also being developed by the startup Jaunt Air Mobility. It falls into the category of rotorcraft, so it will be easier for a company to get permission from regulators – it will not need to develop new rules for it.