Swedish NEVS unveils autonomous shuttle

Swedish NEVS unveils autonomous shuttle

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new electric shuttle with unmanned technology, dubbed Sango, provides the same levels of privacy and security as a personal car.

The Swedish company NEVS is developing an autonomous vehicle sharing network aimed at ensuring the same levels of confidentiality and security as for car owners. The program, called “PONS,” is described as the “mobility ecosystem,” which was developed in response to the growing demand for emission reductions in cities around the world. According to NEVS, 1.3 billion cars used around the world are used as efficiently as possible in only 5% of cases.

The system is based on a self-developed autonomous shuttle called Sango. Designed to provide flexibility for its users, the unmanned electric vehicle has a low floor, sliding doors on both sides and a bright, spacious cabin with six movable seats.

Although Sango is intended for sharing, not personal, it has been developed with some of the benefits of personal vehicles.

“We started by looking at why city dwellers so much want to use their own cars, rather than public transport, even if it means sitting in traffic jams every day for several hours. The reason is confidentiality – in your own car you feel safe, relaxed and free, ”said Anna Haupt, vice president of mobile solutions.

Movable seats allow you to customize the interior in three different modes: personal, social and family. Protective walls are also provided that can be raised to divide the cab into four separate compartments, or lowered so that four people can ride facing each other. The “family” mode includes 6 seats arranged in three rows, and more closely resembles a regular minivan.

NEVS is partnering with California-based AutoX startup to launch the system in Sweden. AutoX was chosen for “a unique software and hardware integrated approach, security and scalability, as well as the ability to navigate in a dense urban environment.” AutoX software offers level 4 stand-alone technology, which means that it does not require regular input from a human driver, but you can take control in case of emergency.

Typically, these vehicles are limited to a maximum speed of about 45 km / h in a well-defined urban area, which allows them to be used just for joint city trips.

PONS users can call the vehicle through the app, while the fleet management system will be used to monitor and “optimize” Sango’s fleet throughout the city.

The Sango prototype has already been assembled and is currently being used to test the PONS system at NEVS headquarters in Trollhattan. NEVS is owned by the Chinese industrial giant Evergrande (NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden). The company has about 100 employees. its headquarters is located in the former Saab factory, which was acquired after the crash of the automaker in 2012.