Swedish hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera already “available” at McLaren dealer

Swedish hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera already “available” at McLaren dealer

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The McLaren dealer center can now offer the new Swedish four-seater hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera. Serial production of new items has not yet begun.

Last month, Koenigsegg introduced the Gemera, a full-fledged Grand Tourer hypercar (car and travel), which also has two rear seats. The car is sold by McLaren Charlotte dealership from North Carolina (USA).

 Keep in mind that Gemera production has not yet begun, so the dealer actually sells a “reassembly slot” – that is, you will reserve a car for yourself. Koenigsegg said that only 300 copies of the high-performance Grand Tourer will be released. The minimum price will be 1.7 million dollars.

 Gemera is sold with a gray body color and an orange interior, which may mean that the “assembly slot” is designed for the version of the new product that was demonstrated last month.

Most likely, VIN 001 will be indicated on his body, and this means that McLaren Charlotte managed to get the very first production car, provided that the information about it is absolutely accurate.

The Koenigsegg Gemera is an outstanding car thanks to its unusually long wheelbase for a three-meter hypercar. It is equipped with a three-cylinder (yes, three-cylinder) 2.0-liter 600-hp gasoline engine. (600 Nm), as well as three electric motors – one on the crankshaft and one on each rear wheel. The total power is 1700 hp. (3498 Nm).

 Despite being large enough to carry four adults, the Gemera is still a “rocket,” which only needs 1.9 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h, while the maximum speed is 402 km / h. This is impressive when you consider that the machine has a “dry” weight of 1,715 kilograms. In electric mode, the novelty can travel 50 kilometers and a total range of 1000 km.