Swedish company Einride unveils completely unmanned timber transporter T-Log

Swedish company Einride unveils completely unmanned timber transporter T-Log

July 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Unmanned technologies, as well as the electrification of road transport, are increasingly engaging engineers. At this time, Einride company offered to completely abandon the driver’s cab, equipping the car with unmanned technologies and one operator for several cars.

Swedish company Einride brought to the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood a prototype unmanned log truck called T-log. In motion, this unusual vehicle is driven by an electric propulsion system. It is expected that in 2020 the car will pass the first tests on public roads.

T-log received an autonomous system NVIDIA Drive 4 levels. The timber carrier does not have a cabin, the operator can remotely control the machine. Without recharging, the novelty can travel about 195 km. The log truck can carry up to 16 tons of cargo.

“The driver’s cabin is what makes trucks expensive for production. Take it away, and replace the driver with an operator who can monitor and remotely control several cars at the same time. You will see for yourself that the costs will be significantly reduced, “said Einride CEO Robert Falk.

Earlier, Einride presented a prototype of a stand-alone T-Pod truck. Due to the failure of the cabin and the elements of mechanical control, the length of the device was only 7.3 meters. At the same time, the T-pod carrying capacity is 20 tons, which corresponds to the trucks of the “8 level”.

R 2020 Einride plans to organize a large-scale delivery network between Gothenburg and Helsingborg. It is assumed that the transport system will include 200 T-Pod drones, for which two charging stations are equipped between the two Swedish cities. The developers are confident that autonomous trucks will be able to transport up to 2 million pallets per year, so that the annual level of harmful CO2 emissions will drop by 33,000 tons.

Meanwhile, the “Festival of Speed” in the UK showed an autonomous Ford Mustang in 1965 release. His participation in the mountain race had high hopes, but the old car stuffed with modern technology did not justify them.