Swedes will start producing unmanned trucks without a cab in the fall of 2018

Swedes will start producing unmanned trucks without a cab in the fall of 2018

March 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Swedish startup Einride announced the beginning of deliveries of autonomous electric trucks T-Pod, which will receive software from Nvidia

Swedish startup Einride will begin deliveries of unmanned T-Pod trucks, the feature of which is the lack of a cabin, in the fall of 2018. In this case, the devices will receive an automatic control system with software from the company Nvidia, reports Techcrunch.

The prototype of an autonomous truck T-Pod was introduced last summer. Due to the failure of the cabin and the elements of mechanical control, the length of the device was only 7.3 meters. At the same time, the T-pod carrying capacity is 20 tons, which corresponds to the trucks of the “8 level”.

The truck is equipped with a fully electric power plant, powered by a battery pack of 200 kWh, which allows you to travel without recharging up to 200 kilometers. For T-pod it is possible to have both fully automatic and remote control.

Earlier it was reported that by 2020, Einride plans to organize a large-scale delivery network between Gothenburg and Helsingborg. It is assumed that the transport system will include 200 T-Pod drones, for which two charging stations are equipped between the two Swedish cities. The developers are confident that autonomous trucks will be able to transport up to 2 million pallets per year, so that the annual level of harmful CO2 emissions will drop by 33,000 tons.