Swarovski introduced a copy of the legendary Batmobile for $ 599

Swarovski introduced a copy of the legendary Batmobile for $ 599

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Well-known company Swarovski began selling a small copy of Batman’s car. The machine is priced at 599 dollars

Well-known studios like DC and Marvel sell toys on their comics around the world and I must say that they are very well bought. Apparently many companies want to make money on the popularity of superheroes. The Austrian company Swarovski decided to present its version of the Batman car. I must say that the level of detail of the machine is amazing, although to expect from Swarovski anything less than perfection would be a terrible mistake.

A crystal that is almost 14.9 centimeters long, 3.4 cm high and 6 cm wide costs a considerable $ 599. Swarovski craftsmen carved a Batmobile from dark black crystal – the toy has 473 faces.

The Swarovski Batmobile “took” part in a pair of Batman films directed by Tim Burton – “Batman” in 1989 and “Return of Batman” in 1992. This is a terrific recreation of one of the most iconic Batmobiles that have been adorning screens for many years. Swarovski notes that this is not a toy, but just a decoration, a very expensive decoration.

Swarovski also sells separately a Batman figurine almost 5.5 inches high or 13.97 cm high for the same $ 599. Batman and his Batmobile cost $ 1,050. The Batman figurine is as detailed as the Batmobile figurine.