Suzuki will no longer produce a GSX-R750 motorcycle?

Suzuki will no longer produce a GSX-R750 motorcycle?

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The rather tough environmental rules that are already in force in Europe are to blame for everything; they have not yet reached some countries. Is this the end of an era when the Japanese brand Suzuki will actually stop releasing its legendary motorcycle GSX-R750? This question is asked by many fans of this type of transport. Yes, but no …

What can I say? Rumors of a possible cessation of the mass production of the current motorcycle legend –GSX-R750 is based on truth. New European standards for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, which entered into force in Europe in 2016, provide a grace period to ensure full compliance with these same standards until the end of 2018.

Instead of investing significant amounts of money in ensuring that their older models comply with environmental standards, Suzuki’s management decided to simply stop selling them in some markets. That is exactly what happened with the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle.

Unfortunately, there are currently no official data on Suzuki’s intentions to return the GSX-R750 motorcycle to the world market. “Some models, such as the Hayabusa and GSX-R750, are not subject to sale after January 1, 2019 in Europe. All the fault of the new environmental standard. So far, these iconic models are still available to riders in the United States, ”a Japanese brand spokesman said in a recent interview.

  Some reputable sources abroad say that Suzuki Hayabusa and GSX-R750 motorcycles can still return to global automotive markets.