Suzuki publishes teaser concept in retro style Waku Spo

Suzuki publishes teaser concept in retro style Waku Spo

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The official presentation of the extravagant Japanese concept will take place at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (Japan). The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for October 25.

The Japanese company Suzuki plans to present at the Tokyo Motor Show several interesting concepts at once – among them Waku Spo, made in retro style, as well as Hanare. At the moment, there are very few details about the new products, however we have official photos of these cars at our disposal – this is already something.

The car dealership opens on October 23, so there is no doubt that as we approach this date, we will learn more information about the cars.

This article will focus on the Suzuki Waku Spo concept, which received a retro-style body – this car is very similar to the Suzuki Fronte of the late 1960s (pictured). Instead of using mirrors mounted on the wing, this car prefers a more modern approach – the car is equipped with rear-view cameras. An official teaser indicates the car is using a plug-in hybrid powerplant. The announcement also mentions a certain switch, when activated, the “content displayed on the dashboard” changes, but it does not explain what is at stake – apparently this is some kind of special driving mode.

Another Suzuki Hanare concept is a square wagon with tiny windows that make the body look especially large. The company presents it as an autonomous car, in fact, a motor home. According to an official press release, Hanare is a type of Japanese home, and it is from here that the concept got its name and philosophy.

Finally, there is Every Combi, which, as Suzuki suggests, fills a very specific niche. The commercial vehicle is primarily intended for transporting children – the vehicle was created in close collaboration with the children’s goods company Combi Corporation.