Suzuki Jimny will leave the car market in Europe

Suzuki Jimny will leave the car market in Europe

July 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The fourth generation of the Suzuki Jimny subcompact SUV is not able to withstand the strict environmental standards in Europe, as a result of which its sales may cease.

With the change of generation, Suzuki Jimny gained great popularity. In the same Japan, queues are already lining up for the model and buyers have to wait a year to receive their car. In Europe, only last year, Jimny sales increased 1.5 times, to 16,605 units. But very soon this charismatic car will leave the Old World. It’s all about tougher environmental requirements.

The European Jimny is driven exclusively by the 1.5-liter naturally aspirated K15B engine, with an average CO2 emissions of 154-170 g / km, depending on the type of transmission. However, starting from 2021, sales of vehicles whose emissions exceed the 95 g / km indicator will be limited in Europe. Otherwise, the manufacturer will face multi-million fines.

As a result, Suzuki dealers in the UK have already stopped accepting orders for Jimny: only previously paid SUVs will continue to supply customers. The publication Autocar, citing dealers, notes that Jimny will completely leave the market within 4-5 months.