Suzuki Jimny made a radically low pickup

Suzuki Jimny made a radically low pickup

January 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the Tokyo auto show, dedicated to tuning, they showed a radically understated Suzuki Jimny pickup, which has no doors. Students of the Japanese technical college NATS worked on the machine.

Instead of understating the frame SUV, the students took Suzuki Alto Lapin for the base, which was equipped with the latest generation of Jimny body elements, in particular, the entire front of the car with windshield racks. A folding kung appeared at the back, for this reason the car can be considered a pickup.

In addition, the very low Suzuki Jimny received a winch and roof rack for transporting an extra set of wheels. In the two-seater saloon, it is worth noting the presence of a safety cage, racing seats and a steering wheel, which leans up for comfort of landing.

Together with the understated Jimny, the presentation of the opposite in meaning variation was held – big foot. Students completed work on it back in the fall of 2019. The SUV has acquired an elevator suspension kit, large wheels and an external safety cage. It also has a kung, reclining along with the entire roof.