Suzuki Jimny has found a way to stay in Europe

Suzuki Jimny has found a way to stay in Europe

January 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Since 2021, the European Union will begin to live according to new eco-standards. The Japanese SUV does not meet these strict CO требованиям emission requirements. However, Suzuki figured out how to get around the new standards.

The compact SUV Suzuki Jimny emits too much CO2 to stay in Europe after the introduction of new environmental requirements. So, according to Autocar India, Suzuki plans to remove Jimny from the European squad, because it will not comply with the new emission standards. However, this model will not completely disappear: it has every chance to return to the EU in the future after the update. The new 2021 emission standards sent Suzuki Jimny just a short-term resignation.

 The Japanese have found a loophole in EU law and are preparing to offer the Europeans Suzuki Jimny in a new role for him – a commercial car. Recall that in this segment of the European car market, the requirements for CO2 emissions are not so strict.

 The SUV will be modernized a bit, they will remove a number of rear seats and will again begin to actively sell, only as a commercial, not a passenger car. The return of a full-fledged passenger version of Jimny to Europe is also possible, but only after the SUV has acquired a new engine. The timing of the appearance of such a more environmentally friendly Suzuki Jimny is still unknown.

 Europeans are actively interested in Suzuki Jimny: in some countries, this model is so popular that long lines line up behind it. Not wanting to miss a good profit, the automaker decided to resort to tricks with a change in the role of an SUV.