Suzuki is working on a new electric bike for India

Suzuki is working on a new electric bike for India

June 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A couple of days ago, a new Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 was introduced in Ahmedabad, where the Indian division of the company also announced future plans for electric scooters.

Koichiro Hirao, head of Suzuki India, confirmed at the presentation that the company has very large electrical plans for India. According to him, the country will soon become the epicenter of the development of scooters and small electric motorcycles. The Indian Ministry of Highway and Transportation offered to electrify new three- and two-wheeled vehicles of less than 150 cm³ in volume by 2023–2025.

Suzuki plans to produce two-wheeled and three-wheeled electric vehicles are still under development, so no details have yet been given. They can enter scooters or motorcycles, or both. But it is worth noting that three-wheeled vehicles are in greatest demand in the Indian market.

Meanwhile, the brand-new Gixxer SF 250 has just debuted in India, where its main competitor is the KTM 250 Duke. The little Gixxer is priced at around £ 170,655, which is about $ 2,500. Can Suzuki release an even smaller model in the favorite style of Gixxer? In addition, how will this affect the models that Suzuki offers outside India for the global market? All this will become clear when the company more clearly tells about their projects.