Suzuki improves equipment Every and Every Wagon

Suzuki improves equipment Every and Every Wagon

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It concerns security systems. Both modifications are commercial cars, so a number of improvements, according to the automaker, appears for the first time in this segment in the domestic market.

In one day in Japan, several models, modified according to a similar scheme, go on sale. In the “civilian” segment is Alto Lapin, and in the commercial segment – Every and Every Wagon. Considering that the last two are also the basis for rebedging and are offered under the brands of other automakers in Japan (for example, Nissan, Mitsubishi), similar changes in the very near future can be expected in relation to them.

For the first time in the segment, cars receive an improved automatic braking system, which includes stereoscopic video cameras. It is now obligatory to lock the accelerator when accidentally pressed when starting to move in a traffic jam. There was a sound warning system about the beginning of the movement in front of the car. Every and Every Wagon is equipped with an accelerator lock and when reversing, which also, according to the automaker, occurs for the first time in the segment. All this equipment is standard for Every Wagon in the JOIN and JOIN Turbo models, with the exception of modifications with a 5-speed manual transmission.

There are no external changes to Every and Every Wagon after the upgrade, but minor modifications were made in the cabin. Every in the PA and PA Limited trim levels in the front of the cabin now has a shelf for small things under the ceiling, Every Wagon has minor cosmetic improvements in the finish.

The cost of Suzuki Every in Japan is 954,000 – 1,500,280 yen, for Every Wagon they ask for 1,479,600 – 1,836,000 yen. Cars already on sale.