Suzuki brought another small SUV to the assemble line

Suzuki brought another small SUV to the assemble line

November 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese brand has announced a cross-generation version of the second generation microcar. The start of sales of new items is scheduled for December this year.

A small monopod Suzuki Spacia (length – 3395 mm) was replaced by a generation at the end of 2017. The model was transferred to the Heartect platform, which also lies at the heart of Baleno and the latest Swift. In January of this year, the company showed the “off-road” version of the Key-car – the concept of Tall Camper. It was assumed that in the status of a prototype of such a car for a long time will not be delayed. And indeed, next month in Japan will present a serial “crossover”, only it differs significantly from its precursor. The official image of the product was published on the ganbaremmc blog.

The cross version of Spacia was called Gear. Such a monobody received round headlights “chained” into massive plastic blocks (rectangular in the standard model), separate individual turn signals, other grille and front bumper. In addition, the model has got black wheels. In the salon, the decor was probably changed.

On the “stuffing” Suzuki Spacia Gear information yet. A conventional microvan is a “soft hybrid”: a key car is equipped with a gasoline 660-cc engine (52 hp, 60 Nm), a variator and a “modest” electric motor with a response of 3.1 hp. (50 Nm). The electric engine helps the main engine in the first seconds of acceleration, plus it acts as a starter. Drive – front or full.

By the way, Spacia also has a “youth” version of the Custom with a more aggressive front end design. This car still put turbo version of the 660-cc engine (64 hp), but again with a hybrid superstructure.

For Spacia, a projection display, all-round vision cameras, climate control, automatic braking systems, traffic signs recognition and warnings about leaving the occupied lane are provided. Most likely, Spacia Gear will get the same equipment.

The price of the standard model starts at 1,274,400 yen. The Custom version costs from 1,517,400 yen. Well, the “SUV” Spacia Gear will certainly be the most expensive in the family.

In Japan, Spacia is not only the most popular model of the brand, but also ranks second in sales ranking among all keycars: in January-September 2018, more than 116,000 Suzuki mono-cars were sold, only Honda N-Box ahead (more than 185,000 units) .

Recall that at the end of last year another small crossover appeared in the Suzuki lineup – the XBee, it is based on the Hustler model. Alas, Key cars are not officially sold outside of Japan.