SUV SCG Boot will receive a strange layout with a child seat

SUV SCG Boot will receive a strange layout with a child seat

December 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Passengers in the rear seats will now sit higher, so they can have a clear idea of ​​the bumps in the road and get ready for unexpected “jumps”. A similar performance of the SUV will be available next year.

It seems that the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, the company founded by the American millionaire, received a powerful boost of enthusiasm after winning a desert safari on its own production Boot SUV. A fancy car is currently attracting everyone’s attention, and although a large share of the popularity is associated with the fact that this SUV is able to travel over rough terrain at high speed, a new Facebook post from SCG CEO James Glickenhaus says another achievement of this car . The company plans to introduce a four-door and four-seater model. What can we expect?

 Well, because this is actually just a performance of the car, which will receive two additional doors and it would seem that this is unusual, but we cannot help but notice the child seat, which is mounted on a stand between the two rear seats.

It is located in cash and here’s another thing, this chair itself is very cool and should be comfortable for any child due to its design. We are not sure that child protection services will be happy to hear about high-speed off-road adventures with the youngest member of the family who is in the car salon, but why not for daily trips around the city.

 It is also worth noting the unusual location of the other seats in the cabin. The front seats are “pressed” to the center console, and the rear seats are mounted further on the raised floor. Mr. Glickenhaus says the new layout gives rear-seat passengers much better visibility of what is happening on the road. This solution is just right for high-speed cross-country passage – the rear passengers will know what they are preparing for.