Supersonic car for speed record sell for the price of a new Ferrari

Supersonic car for speed record sell for the price of a new Ferrari

December 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Bloodhound sells a car that was supposed to accelerate to 1600 kilometers per hour

The British company Bloodhound Program Ltd., recognized as bankrupt and transferred under external control, is selling the property – including the unfinished record car Bloodhound SSC. The requested amount is £ 250,000. The same is worth the supercar Ferrari 812 Superfast.

According to plans, the car in 2019 was supposed to accelerate to a speed of about 1,690 kilometers per hour, and cover the current speed record on land.

The needle-shaped car with a length of 13.5 meters has no drive to the wheels. It is driven into motion by a hybrid rocket-propulsion unit composed of a Rolls-Royce EJ200 turbofan engine with an afterburner chamber from the Eurofighter fighter, donated by the UK Department of Defense, and three liquid-propellant rockets from the Norwegian company Nammo, the European Space Agency supplier.

The total power of the power plant should exceed 135,000 horsepower. At the same time, an interesting detail is that the fuel pump is driven by a 500-horsepower Jaguar V8 gasoline engine with a compressor.

In 2017, the Bloodhound team conducted low-speed tests, during which the car on the runway at Cornwall Airport accelerated to 322 kilometers per hour. But for a record attempt requires the completion of the car (for example, now it is equipped with only one rocket propulsion of the three planned).

The company can no longer fulfill its financial obligations: it needs 25 million pounds sterling to pay off debts and complete the construction of a record car. The company has already announced the closure of the project, as there were no investors, and the main partners did not want to continue working together.

Earlier, the British magazine Autocar cited insider calculations: to reach a speed of 800-1000 kilometers per hour on an already 18 km long track already prepared in South Africa, it would take about five million pounds sterling. To simply break the record of 1997 (1228 kilometers per hour), you need around 15 million. And to achieve the original goal – to overcome the mark of 1600 kilometers per hour – you need 25 million pounds. In this case, even the last figure is about four times lower than the annual budget of the most modest Formula 1 teams – Haas and Force India.