Superformance has modernized the legendary Shelby Daytona

Superformance has modernized the legendary Shelby Daytona

January 23, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The iconic Shelby Daytona sports car is a rare and very expensive phenomenon. Buying an original car will cost at least eight figures! The guys at Superformance are ready to offer a more budgetary alternative.

Superformance is renowned for its amazingly faithful replicas of famous sports cars. This 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 Daytona Coupe is no exception.

The body of the car accurately repeats the shapes and proportions of a real Daytona. The sports car is painted in a bright red shade called “Monza Red” and decorated with silver stripes. Its current owner purchased the car in 2019. The sports car mileage is about 9000 miles.

In the manufacture of the car body, light fiberglass was used. The door handles are engraved with Carroll Shelby’s signatures, and the headlights have been fitted with plexiglass covers. At the same time, the front part of the car received a transparent protective film.

Wheels – 18-inch in Halibrand style from American Racing. The interior teaches luxurious leather trim.
The sports car is powered by the SR Ford V8 engine developed by Roush Performance Products. It comes with a Holley electronic fuel injection system.

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