Supercharger created for new 7.3-liter Ford V8 engine

Supercharger created for new 7.3-liter Ford V8 engine

April 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Whipple announced on Sunday, April 19, that it was developing a supercharger for the new 7.3-liter Ford gasoline engine. According to experts, to install a compressor, you don’t have to bore the motor, and the method of attaching the supercharger makes it possible to return the unit to its original state.

The 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger will fit the Ford F-Series, which has a 7.3 petrol aspirated, first introduced in 2019. Initially, the engine develops 436 hp. and 644 Nm, however, compared with a restyled turbocharged Power Stroke 6.7 diesel engine, traction may not be enough.

The American company proposes to increase the performance of the V8 by 7.3 liters to 710 hp. and 1017 Nm, and after modernization, the models will retain the factory 10-speed gearbox. To adapt the automatic transmission to the adjusted performance, the tuners will retune the gearbox, and will further refine the cooling system and powertrain software.

 According to engineers, the functionality of a supercharged pickup will remain the same: special configurations for off-road and towing will be preserved. The kit is available for F-Series pickups that have different payloads.

 A Whipple kit will cost $ 7,895. Its sales are planned for the third quarter, unless the situation with the coronavirus deteriorates.