Supercars Ferrari began to steal under the guise of a recall campaign

Supercars Ferrari began to steal under the guise of a recall campaign

February 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A criminal gang has appeared in South Africa, stealing Ferrari supercars from owners on the pretext of a revocable company.

The Italian corporation has sent its customers from South America a warning about fraud, which is gaining momentum throughout the state.

According to the portal Car Mag, the attackers phoned the owners of Ferrari and appear to be the employees of official dealers to inform about the fact that their car got under a revocable campaign to the manufacturer. Since it’s supposedly dangerous to drive a supercar, they claim that they will send a tow truck to the owner’s house to take the car for repair and deliver it back.

 It is known that at least one owner of a Ferrari attackers were able to deceive. So, the new 812 Superfast was hijacked in the Randburg area in northwestern Johannesburg. An Italian supercar was soon found broken down on the border of Lebombo and Mozambique.

The South Korean Ferrari representative issued an official letter stating that if a recall campaign is announced, the manufacturer will never pick up the car on a tow truck – only scammers do this. If such a call arrives, the owner is advised to call the dealer on his own and clarify information about current service events.