Supercar Rimac C_Two again present, but already in the “Californian” version

Supercar Rimac C_Two again present, but already in the “Californian” version

August 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The electric supercar Rimac C_Two is the first representative of its class, coming from Croatia. The debut of the first copy was held as part of the Geneva Motor Show in the early spring of 2018. Now the electric car got to the United States, and in a special version – California Edition Rimac C_Two, which debuted at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

A distinctive feature of the car for “sunny California” was the unique color of the bright blue color of the body, called the manufacturer Mexican. Also, the supercar has a unique design of light alloy wheels, as well as a luxurious trunk, which contained two six-liter bottles of expensive champagne and a crystal set for it.

In technical terms, there have not been any changes, so the 1 888-hp electrical installation remained at its original location. The maximum torque available from the minimum speed and speed is 2,300 Nm. According to official information, this allows the supercar to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds, with a maximum speed of 412 km / h. It is separately indicated that the mass of the car is completely immodest, and is 1 950 kg.

As a power source for four motors a large battery is used for 120 kWh. With civilian operation in a mixed mode, it can provide up to 650 km of travel on a single charge. Also in the kit to the car is a fast charging system, providing about 500 km of the track in 30 minutes.

As another feature on the supercar, the installation of a fourth level unmanned system is envisaged. That is, in good weather conditions, the pilot does not need to interfere with the work of the car, and he is able to independently move both on suburban and city streets.

The cost of the most affordable version starts from 2.1 million dollars. The entire circulation will be limited to 150 copies, which are already sold out. Also, the company noted that most customers add another $ 600 to various options.